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First, download the tool - Rackspace Cloud Files Manager v1 and extract it.

Before you can begin you need a Rackspace Cloud account. You can sign up for free from there website - they won't start billing you until your bill reaches £10.

Once you have created your account you need to generate an API key, Now your ready to go!

It is recommend that you edit the config file to include the API key and username. You can do this by opening rackspacecloudman.exe.config in notepad and changing the lines in bold.

<setting name="api_key" serializeAs="String">
<value />
<setting name="username" serializeAs="String">
<value />

The lines need to be changed to:

Once you have done this, run the application, rackspacecloudman.exe. Please note if you do not set the API key and\or the username, you will be prompted.

You will be then prompted for the domain name you wish to create, do not include the www.

This will create a container called DOMAINNAMEwww for example

This will automatically set the index to index.htm. If the user links to the container rather then the actual file in the container, this is the file that will be displayed. For example, going to: will send you to:

It will also create the Error document to [ErrorCode]index.htm, for example, visiting will send you to the pretty 404 error page of -

You can ofcourse create CNAMEs to point at at your unfriendly container, such as

WARNING DO NOT DO THIS FOR YOUR ROOT. If you create a CNAME for the root of your domain, for example, your MX records will be ignored (ie your'll have not email on your domain)

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